Doula Services

As a companion, supporter, friend, and educator, your birth doula is there to provide education, and physical and emotional assistance, throughout all stages of your pregnancy and into the postpartum period, to ensure a healthy, positive experience for you and your growing family.

What sets my Doula Services Apart?

With over 20 years’ experience as a professional labor support partner (also known as a doula), I have learned that the relationship between you and your doula is one that is built on shared trust, confidence, and mutual respect. The stronger the connection between you and your doula, the better the experience will be for everyone involved.

That is why I offer monthly visits--to better forge that connection and build that important relationship. No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, I make it a priority to meet regularly in order to provide the support and care that you need. Even if hired at the last minute (a month or less before the due date), I will provide a minimum of three visits so we can get to know each other.

*Currently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are allowing additional support people, however, please be aware that this could change at any moment.*



To support the many military families that I work with, I have re-certified as a doula through DONA International. I am currently in the process of getting certified as a Non-Network Provider for TriCare. This will allow military families to receive some reimbursement for prenatal and postpartum visits, as well as some reimbursement for their birth. 

Contact me for more details.