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Prenatal and Breastfeeding Classes

After 20 years of teaching Lamaze childbirth education classes on the Monterey peninsula, I have made a very difficult decision to take a break from teaching for the next few months. This decision does not come lightly. As my midwifery practice grows, I need to allow myself to nourish that part of my business.

This is not forever--it's just for now. I am currently in a masters program that is teaching me the hows and the whys of instructional design. I am learning all about the theories behind learning, as well as video and sound recording/production and the software to make education useful and exciting. When my new curriculum comes out, it will knock your socks off.

So...hang in there...I'll be back to teaching classes in the future.

If someone cannot locate a class that works for them, please contact me and I will do my best to support them. In the meantime, I do still offer a pre-recorded, self-paced breastfeeding class.

As always, please know that I am here to support anyone. I am just a phone call, text, or email away.

With Love and Light,


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Breast/Chest-feeding Education

Learn the basics of breast/chest-feeding during this class. I am currently offering a pre-recorded, self-paced class.

Classes: Birth Classes
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