Hospital Birth with a Midwife

What a hospital birth with a Midwife looks like

These services are a great option for those planning to give birth in the hospital setting but want midwifery care for prenatal vists, during labor, and then postpartum care.

We follow the same schedule that you would see a doctor for and I can order labs, ultrasounds and referrals for you as necessary. When you go into labor, I come to your home to check on you, your baby, and your labor progress. This gives you a better idea of when to go to the hospital. As with all options, the ultimate decision about when to go to the hospital is yours.

Once at the hospital, I become your doula and provide labor support while there*. After you deliver your baby, I provide postpartum visits for you and baby up to six weeks. 

*Currently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are allowing doulas in to support laboring families, however, that can change at any moment.