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Live, Virtual Breast/Chest-feeding Course

Learn the basics of breast/chest-feeding, how your body makes milk, breastfeeding positions, and much more.

I am currently scheduling private, two-day, three-hour classes. Once you have registered and paid, I will be in touch to schedule our class.

Live, Virtual Breast/Chest-feeding Course: Birth Classes

Registration Form

Please complete the registration form for your live, virtual breast/chest-feeding class. Once you have completed your registration, pay for your class below. If you have any issues, please contact me.

Please remember to pay for your class below!

Live, Virtual Breast/Chest-feeding Course: Job Application
Baby Breastfeeding

Live, Virtual Breast/Chest-feeding Class

Two-day, three-hour class


Live, Virtual Breast/Chest-feeding Course: Products
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