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Postpartum Care with a Midwife

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Postpartum Care Package

At Mum’s the Word, I believe in comprehensive, personalized postpartum care for all families, regardless of where they give birth.  As a California Licensed Midwife, I care for families up to six weeks postpartum in the comfort of their home. Postpartum home visits allow families to nest and care for themselves and their baby during this special time.

My postpartum care package is for those families who attend prenatal visits with a physician and who birth in the hospital setting yet desire a personalized postpartum experience.

This package includes:

  • One meeting during pregnancy to meet and discuss postpartum care plans

  • Six, 60- to 90-minute postpartum visits for mother and baby in the comfort of their own home

    • Visits include

      • Newborn exam: checking baby weight, assessing heart rate and rhythm, evaluating breathing, assessing feeding and diapers. If there are concerns that I cannot address, I refer to a pediatrician of your choice.

      • The New Mother Exam: checking blood pressure and pulse, assessing postpartum bleeding (lochia), assessing tissue healing (especially if sutures placed), supporting breastfeeding and lactation, and evaluating emotional and psychological adjustment to new parenthood. If there are concerns that are outside of our scope of care, I refer to physicians and/or specialists.

  • 24-hour availability for urgent concerns

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