SneakPeek® Early Detection Blood Test for Fetal Sex


SneakPeek® is an early detection blood test for fetal sex, offered to pregnant people starting at nine weeks in pregnancy. Michele draws a blood sample in the comfort of your home and then returns the sample to the SneakPeek® labs for processing.

  • It is a 99.1% accurate blood test

  • Results are emailed to you or to whomever you designate to receive the results.

  • Private pay only--this test/service is not covered by insurance.


This is a mobile blood draw service and you do not need to be a client of Mum's the Word to request this service.
A travel fee, up to 25 miles from Marina, is included in the price. If you live further than 25 miles, an additional charge will be added.

Baby holding parent pinky finger